In Katapola I enjoy looking at the ducks and geese swimming in the sea, sunning themselves on the beach, and pecking for food, especially in the area behind the toilet block.

In Cleethorpes I enjoy watching the ducks, geese and other birds on and around the boating lake.

In May / June 2012 there are Muscovy Ducks on Cleethorpes Boating lake and on the beach at Katapola. I often see muscovy ducks in Cleethorpes, but this is the first time I have seen muscovy ducks (with their distinctive red faces) in Katapola.


Canada Goose near the Discovery Centre at Cleethorpes Boating Lake

Black swan at Cleethorpes Boating Lake536019_4039883877761_1210841446_n.jpg

Muscovy ducks (and friend!) on the beach at Katapola


Muscovy ducks by the Boating Lake at Cleethorpes

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